Nintendo confirms Bowser Jr. is playable co-op companion in Bowser’s Fury

Following on from yesterday’s extended Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury reveal, Nintendo has released a smattering of additional details regarding the upcoming Switch game, confirming, among other things, that Bowser Jr. – who teams up with Mario to calm down old dad – will be a playable companion in co-op mode.

That little news morsel was suspected, of course, if not outright stated, but the freshly launched Bowser’s Fury website clears up any lingering confusion, writing, “Grab a buddy to play as Bowser Jr., who can fly around fighting enemies and discovering secrets in 2-player mode.”

Elsewhere, Nintendo has named the setting of Bowser’s Fury – a “free-roaming” standalone adventure packaged in with the Switch port of 2013’s Super Mario 3D World – explaining that Lake Lapcat is home to various islands which Mario will need to visit in order to collect Cat Shines, reignite lighthouses, and brighten the gloomy terrain.

As seen in yesterday’s Bowser’s Fury trailer, Mario will need to ring Lake Lapcat’s Giga Bell whenever Bowser is in full Fury, causing the dungareed one to transform into the formidable Giga Cat for a suitably mega-sized battle with his old nemesis.

There are also details of the amiibo support included as part of Bowser’s Fury, although not much word on when and how often the various amiibo-based abilities can be deployed in context of the adventure. The Bowser amiibo can, for instance, be used to summon Fury Bowser, while the Bowser Jr. amiibo unleashes a powerful shockwave capable of knocking out nearby enemies and blocks. Other amiibo will also trigger “different in-game surprises”.

Expect more details as Super Mario World + Bowser’s Fury’s 12th February release date approaches. A special red and blue Mario-themed Switch will launch on the same day.